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api products in r&d therapeutic category
apalutamide oncology
darolutamide oncology
dolutegravir sodium hiv
bempedoic acid ldl-c
finerenone mra
clascoterone anti acne
estetrol hormone
elagolix endometriosis
relugolix endometriosis
umeclidinium bromide copd
vilanterol copd
rimegepant migraine headache
filgotinib rheumatoid arthritis (ra)
vibegron overactive bladder (oab)
daptomycin antibiotic
tacrolimus immunosuppressant
nusinersen sma
semaglutide anti-diabetic
tirzepatide anti-diabetic
degludec anti-diabetic
icodec anti-diabetic

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products protected by valid patents in this list are for laboratory analytical/research purposes only and are not offered for sale in countries or area where the sale of such products constitutes a patent infringement. any liability is at buyer's risk.