oligonucleotide cro&cdmo

shanghai aurisco biotech co., ltd is focus on providing cro/cdmo services. we provide apis service from discovery, clinical trials to commercial stage.

with 20 years’ experience of api manufacturing, our oligo platform has a dedicated team of 30 scientists in oligonucleotide field,and equips with advanced and equipment,accelerating clients’ drugs to the global market.

the process chemistry, analytical, and regulations teams collaborate to provide clients with a fast, efficient, and flexible integrated solution for oligonucleotide development.

advanced equipments

aurisco oligonucleotide platform is equipped with cytiva äkta oligonucleotide solid-phase synthesizer and purification equipment,with capacity from gram to kg scale.

in addition, analytical equipments including uplc-qtof, uplc-ms, uplc provide support for oligonucleotide structure characterization, analytical method development and validation,gmp manufacturing and stability study.

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    äkta oligopilot 10äkta oligopilot 100äkta pure 25äkta pure 150äkta flux 6lyophilyzer xinzhi
  • oligopilot™ 2000novasep hipersep™sartoflow advancedgenesis 35l
  • uhplc,uplc(ip-rp, iex, sec)lc-ms(esi, quadrupole)uplc-hrms(esi, q-tof)headspace gcuv-vis(temperature controlled)

manufacturing capbility

custom dna/rna - api manufacturing services

aurisco provides oligonucleotide synthesis services as follow

  • 01aso
  • 02sirna
  • 03aptamer
  • 04cpg odn
  • 05other new oligos
  • 06oligos conjugations
  • 07others:modified nucleoside,impurity, modified galnac or lipid

oligonucleotide service includes

  • process developing and optimization
  • mg to kg scale
  • analytical characterization, test method development and validation, ipc & release testing
  • stability studies compliant to ich
  • ra support for worldwide